Cents @ Smoke Eaters Preview:

Merritt (14-18-0-5) @ Trail (22-16-1-1)

Tonight is the fifth meeting of the season and second straight between the Merritt Centennials and Trail Smoke Eaters. Tonight is the Cents first road game since December 10th while Trail is playing their second straight home game.

Last Game Played: Saturday, December 18 – Merritt won 3-2

Next Games:
Saturday, January 1: Quesnel @ Merritt
Sunday, January 2: Trail @ Salmon Arm

Let’s take a look at the Merritt Centennials:

Games Played: 37
Wins: 14
Losses: 18
Ties: 0
Overtime Losses: 5
Home Record: 10-5-0-3
Road Record: 4-13-0-2
Streak: Three game winning streak
Last Ten Games: 6-4-0-0
Goals For: 101
Goals Against: 131
Standings: 6th place

Since the 2003-04 season Merritt is 21-24-1-2 vs. Trail

Since the 2003-04 season Merritt is 14-9-0-2 at home vs. Trail

Since the 2003-04 season Merritt is 7-15-1-0 in Trail

Merritt is 3-7-0-0 in its last 10 visits to the Cominco Arena

Merritt is 6-4 in its last 10 games vs. Trail

Merritt’s last win in Trail was a 4-3 overtime victory back on Wednesday, December 30, 2009.

Merritt Centennials at 18:56 (PP) – Andrew Pickering from Dustin Johnson and Jordan Soquila
Trail Smoke Eaters at 12:21 – Darnell Dyck from Scott Jacklin and Curtis Tonello
Trail Smoke Eaters at 9:39 (PP) – Scott Jacklin from Tommy Rizzardo and Sam Mellor
Merritt Centennials at 18:04 – Derek Hills from Jordan Soquila and Jeff Jones
Trail Smoke Eaters at 7:38 – Sam Mellor from Scott Jacklin and Nick Sandor
Merritt Centennials at 16:35 – Dustin Johnson from Derek Hills and Jordan Soquila
Merritt Centennials at 2:53 – Silvan Harper from Derek Hills and Jeff Zmurchyk

Former Centennials on the Smoke Eaters:
D Jake Baker (0g, 10a in 63 career games with Merritt)
F Scott Jacklin (Didn’t report to Merritt after being acquired in January 2009)

Centennials power play vs. Trail this season: 5/21
Centennials home record vs. Trail this season: 2-0
Centennials road record vs. Trail this season: 0-2

Cents scoring leaders vs. Trail this season:
Regan Soquila (2-3-5)
Jeff Jones (1-4-5)
Steve Tresierra (0-3-3)
Evan Stack (2-0-2)
Blaine Bokenfohr (1-1-2)
Sean Maktaak (1-1-2)
Dustin Lebrun (1-1-2)
Reece Willcox (1-0-1)
Max Vallis (1-0-1)
Billy Marshall (0-1-1)
Brandon Pfeil (0-1-1)
Kameran Crawford (0-1-1)

Lino Chimienti (2-0)
Tyler Steel (0-1)

Let’s take a look at the Trail Smoke Eaters:

Games Played: 40
Wins: 22
Losses: 16
Ties: 1
Overtime Losses: 1
Home Record: 14-5-0-1
Road Record: 8-11-1-0
Streak: Three game losing streak
Last Ten Games: 3-6-1-0
Goals For: 132
Goals Against: 120
Standings: 5th Place

Former Smoke Eaters on the Centennials: none

Smoke Eaters power play vs. Merritt this season: 3/17
Smoke Eaters home record vs. Merritt this season: 2-0
Smoke Eaters road record vs. Merritt this season: 0-2

Trail’s scoring leaders vs. Merritt this season:
Travis St. Denis (3-3-6)
Scott Jacklin (2-4-6)
Sam Mellor (3-2-5)
Cullen Bradshaw (3-2-5)
Paul Mailey (1-3-4)
Adam Boytinck (1-2-3)
Rajan Sidhu (0-3-3)
Logan Proulx (1-1-2)
Curtis Tonell (1-0-1)
Ben Matthews (1-0-1)
Ryan Luiten (1-0-1)
Jason Nash (0-1-1)
Ben Greenaway (0-1-1)

Kiefer Smiley (2-0)
Matt Larose (0-2)

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