Victoria Grizzlies – Eligible Returnees & Graduating Players:

Graduating Players
Brandon Egli (University of Massachusetts)
Gerry Fitzgerald (Bemidji State University)
Leo Fitzgerald (Bemidji State University)
Myles Fitzgerald (Bemidji State University)
Mark McLellan (Middlebury College)
Mitch Meek (Clarkson University)
Jaden Schmeisser (Minnesota State University)
Jesse Schwartz (University of Connecticut)
Travis Stephens (Middlebury College)
Chris Albertini (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

Eligible Returnees
(* indicates an open spot – assuming the team goes with 13 forwards and 7 defensemen)

Storm Wahlrab (94)
David Walchuk (94)
Garrett Forster (95)
Shawn McBride (95)
Jay Mackie (95)
Dante Hahn (95)
Cole Pickup (96)

Rory McGuire (95)
Jacob Kearley (95)
Kevin Massy (95)

Nic Renyard (94)
Alec Dillon (96)

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