Langley Rivermen – Eligible Returnees and Graduating Players:

20-year-old Ryan Barrow of Banff led Langley in scoring in 2016-17 with 68 points in 51 games.
He’s off to the University of Denver in September 2017.
Photo credit: Garrett James (

Graduating Players

Ryan Barrow (University of Denver)
Frank Boie (College of the Holy Cross)
Andrew Dumaresque (College of the Holy Cross)
Bo Didur (Penn State University)
Cameron Ginnetti (Clarkson University)
Max Kaufman (University of Vermont)
Gavin Payne (Rochester Polytechnic University)
Reid Yochim (Princeton University)
Zac Masson (aged out)
Cooper Leitch (aged out)

Eligible Returnees
(* indicates an open spot – assuming the team goes with 13 forwards and 8 defencemen)

Satchel Clendenin (97)
Eric Butte (97)
Nicholas Ponak (97)
Baylee Wright (98)
Angus Crookshank (99)
Sean Gulka (00)
Brendan Budy (00)

McKay Flanagan (97)
John Schuldt (97)
Spencer Berry (98)
Jake Livingstone (99)

Braedon Fleming (99)

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